Friday Night Steel recap

Went and shot some steel at Marion County Fish & Game this Friday.  As I suspected, shooting the match was an absolute blast, just as much fun as shooting pins but considerably faster in the way the game is run.

The way this match was set up, there were 5 stages, and 5 different shooting squads.  Each squad started on a different stage, then proceeded in numerical order from there.  For example, my squad started on stage 2, which meant that we shot stage 2, 3, 4, 5, 1 in that order.   Mad props are due to our squad’s Range Officer, who arranged it so that we finished the day on the fastest stage, which honestly felt pretty good.

My usual shooting buddy (and cameraman) wasn’t able to make it, due to his wife having a baby or some other lame excuse (I kid, congrats, Greg) so my ability to take lame video was somewhat hampered by need to reload magazines and such.  However, I did grab this video of one of the shooters in my squad taking on stage 3.

You had to engage the IPSC style target first – when hit properly in the center the RO could see a red flag indicating that you’d made the shot, then you could engage the pepper poppers in whatever order.  It was not as easy as he made it look.

The other stages were just as challenging, with stage four probably throwing the most people off, since you had to shoot the second string of fire strong hand only, and the third string weak hand only.

I shot the match with my Glock 24, which I’ll review in the post immediately above this – however the short version of my review would be one word: sweeeeeeet.

As soon as I find out the final results of Friday’s match, I’ll post them on the blog for you guys.  I had a really great time shooting this match, and will definitely be back for the next one.  I think next time I’ll bring a .22 with me as well so I can enter that in addition to the Glock.


  1. What are the ranges this match is shot at? That video looks to be about 25 yards.

    I MIGHT be able to make next months Marion County match, and that would be my first steel match ever. I’d hate to do that without practice (g).

  2. That stage was about 10-12 yards, ballpark. The video camera kind of messes with depth perception, since it’s not exactly focused on the shooter or the target, it throws the relationship off.

    The targets were a lot bigger looking.

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