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Sometime yesterday while I was out blasty-blastin’ with my new Glock 24, Gun Nuts: The Next Generation had our 1,000th combined download of our shows.  And that doesn’t count the people who have downloaded it via iTunes (which we can’t track).

On behalf of my gracious southern co-host and myself, I’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who listens live and who downloads our shows.  We really enjoy doing the show, and we look forward to producing new episodes each week.

Tune in this week for “One for Ladies” as Bonnie and I discuss female concealed carry with none other than The Breda herself.


  1. My only complaint about your live podcast is that you are competing with NRA news.

  2. Congrats on the achievement, if I ever figure out how I’ll try to listen. Probably have to ask a 1st grader. I know this is off topic, but You had a recipe for a yummi bagel, pineapple,cheese, and ham thingy which I tried and liked and now I can’t find it using your search function. Help me please!!! Could you let me know where to go( an open invitation if ever I saw one) or send me the recipe.

    Thank you so,


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