Open Letter to Senator Obama

From NSSF, with love(?):

Dear Senator Obama:

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark decision District of Columbia,
et al. v. Heller held that the Second Amendment protects the right of law-abiding
Americans to “keep and bear arms,” including handguns. Recently, you have claimed the Second Amendment provides an individual right to own firearms. Your current position stands in stark contrast to your support while an Illinois state senator for banning the civilian ownership of handguns. Prior to the Heller decision, you said you believed Washington, D.C.’s gun ban did not violate the Second Amendment. Much like the District of Columbia, your hometown of Chicago has since 1982 effectively banned its law-abiding citizens from having handguns and long guns in their homes.

In light of the Heller decision, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade
association for the firearms industry, would like to know whether you believe the City of Chicago’s gun ban violates the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Chicago
residents? Do you continue to support banning an entire class of firearms from private ownership by law-abiding citizens, including your fellow Chicago residents? Do you
believe the Second Amendment rights of Americans should depend on where they
happen to live? If you do, which other individual rights enshrined in the Constitution do you believe are limited by municipal borders?

We look forward to receiving your responses to these important questions so that
the over 90 million law-abiding Americans that own firearms can know where you truly stand on the Second Amendment.

I’d like to see Vegas odds on whether or not he’s actually going to reply to that; because it quite accurately calls him out for his constantly “evolving” stance on the right to keep and bear arms. I practically need a spreadsheet just to keep up with how many times he’s changed position on the issue. First he was for gun bans, then he’s against them, then he’s for them, now he’s against them, make up your mind!

Of course, to really get the scoop on Ol’ Baracky, you should go to this link, which contains detailed info on all of Obama’s “2nd Amendment” positions.