One last poster

Since the Blackwater Motivator series of posters received a lot of positive feedback, I’m going to post one last poster – my way of saying “thank you” again to everyone out there who voted for me. It honestly means a lot to me that you guys did that – all joking and ego aside, it’s a tremendously humbling experience for me, and I am intensely grateful.

Note: This picture was taken safely. The gun was verified unloaded by two people, and the camera was on a remote (and a crappy camera) so there were no rule violations.


  1. Another way to take this picture safely:

    Photograph a mirror set at a 45-degree angle, with a proper backstop behind the mirror, such as a sandbag.

  2. So you were ready to shoot the camera? ‘Cuz I’ve always heard the rule as “Finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot”.

    Just sayin’ is all…

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