God Not Guns Highlight reel

I love the God Not Guns blog. The latest post is called “Gundamentalism’s Day” (tinyURL to mess with pagerank), it is absolutely hilarious.

You know why it’s so bad? Because it reads like one of those really bad TV preachers combined with an After-School Special. I mean look at excerpts like this:

Rather than offering a vision of community in which we are bound together by our humanity, gundamentalism encourages fear, teaching us to see each other as “The Other,” a potential enemy, a threat endangering our family, our home, our person. Such fear blinds us to the image of God embodied in every human being. Even more it blinds us to our own connection to the Divine. How can we reach toward God with arms open wide if in one hand we are clutching a gun?

I honestly don’t know whether I should laugh or be insulted by the blatant attempts to essentially tell people that they’re bad Christians if they own a gun.

I will give the interns that write the blog some credit though, because they’ve gotten a little smarter. They’ve moved away from making poor, easily defeated Biblical analogies and have focused on the more nebulous “spiritual concepts” side of things. Of course, it hasn’t stopped them from, well, lying outright, but I guess breaking the 9th Commandment is okay as long as you’re doing it for a good cause, right?

So here are the quick hits of the different outright lies in today’s God Not Guns entry:

  • Gundamentalism is a religious movement without spiritual grounding. Rather, it is rooted in the sale and promotion of violence.
  • Rather than offering a vision of community in which we are bound together by our humanity, gundamentalism encourages fear
  • Gundamentalism creates a culture of fear then offers a seductive promise: with a gun one can live with out fear.
  • Gundamentalism cannot survive without the complicity of industries, citizens and law-makers
  • With the gun as its icon, the 2nd Amendment as its creed, gundamentalism proclaims that nothing is as sacred as the right to own a gun

I guess I could cut them some slack, I mean they only had 5 statements that were nothing more than outright falsehoods, surely that’s okay since it’s for a good cause, right? Or maybe the interns Rachel Smith subscribe to the inverse of Romans 6:1, and believe that if they go on sinning, then grace will increase.


  1. Isn’t there something in the Bible about selling a coat to buy a sword?

  2. As an atheist, I don’t give a rat’s butt what the bible says about “gun control” pro or con, though I’ve long suspected the religiously motivated “antis” were just as full of it as the more secular minded ones.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks of giant Japanese robots when I read the phrase “Gundam-Mentalism”?

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