1. I hope getting that joke isn’t a bad thing! On the other hand, it would explain the looks I get from my wife when I try to explain similar amusements to her…

  2. Pfft.

    I have boxed copy of Battledroids around here someplace, from before FASA got its ass sued off by Lucas. Sonny.

    I haven’t played it since before you started eating solid foods, probably. 😉

    Hey, now that the Boardroom has closed, where would a transplanted Vol go to get her geek on, anyway?

  3. Well, I am considering getting vanity plates for my upcoming yellow&black compact – WSP-1A…

  4. See my first thought was Dr. Who and all I could think of was “and watch out for the Ogron mercernaries !”

  5. I’m with Murdok, I always thought that a draconian gun ban was a plot by the Dragon Highlords to subdue Krynn. They can have my +1 Shortsword of Speed when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

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