Send us to Blackwater

After about 30 seconds of discussion with my esteemed co-host, we have agreed that if you go to this link and vote for her or I to go to Blackwater, and then have a friend go to the same link and vote for whichever one of us you didn’t vote for, then we will do live podcasts from Blackwater.

But the thing is, we have to win, so vote and drag a friend with you!  Remember, by voting you can make yourself eligible to win a trip to Blackwater yourself to join 10 bloggers and Todd Jarrett as we shoot a bunch of guns at stuff.


  1. Hey, um, I’m not voting for you. Or Squeaky, for that matter. Competition is tough enough as it is.

    Anyway, your site is now blocked at my dayjob because it’s an “MP3 Download Site.” LOL.

  2. I went to vote for you but I don’t think it went through. The site looks very sparse, like the code has crapped out.

    I’ll check again later.

    Good Luck!

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