One more NSSF post

Obviously, a lot has been said about the Future of Hunting and Shooting Sports report, and now that we’ve received a very clear statement from NSSF about it, and how they’re not going to toss handgunners under the bus, I want to take a moment and re-address something that came up on last night’s show.

Bitter mentioned that NSSF has been tremendously responsive and excellent at working with feedback from bloggers, really from the moment that the report went out.  They’ve done really well with this, and are also doing quite well with positioning themselves on the cutting edge of information sharing technology.  Just look at the Shooting Sports Summit for example; you can watch live webcasts, read updates on their website, or even follow the Summit on Twitter.

Taking that with how responsive and open to feedback they’ve been post-Action Items Report; I honestly think that if anything NSSF is deserving of some props for their actions.  This is not to say that I don’t think that there has been some valid criticism leveled at NSSF; but I think when you evaluate the entire situation as a whole, especially with an eye on the resolution, that NSSF has demonstrated a keen interest in working with both New Media and the industry to help ensure that the shooting sports (and hunting) are here to stay.