Law Abiding Gun owner

Armed citizen stops bank robbery, June 18th.

The robber demanded a stack of larger bills instead and moved both hands to the window to collect the cash. Within seconds, Fawzi drew his handgun, racked a round in the chamber and told the man that he wasn’t robbing the bank.

I am not going to Monday-morning quarterback the guy’s tactics – those aren’t the issue.  What I want to highlight is another instance of a law-abiding gun owner legally using his firearm to stop the commission of a felony crime, and acting in the defense of other citizens.


  1. Much like a .32 S&W in your pocket is better than the .454 Casull you left at home. An Israeli Draw on a person who doesn’t think the laws of a peacful society apply to them is better than cowering in the corner then giving a police report when the goblin gets away clean…confirming the laws of society don’t apply to him.

    Net Sum, Victory

  2. Man-with-bomb, that is, a real bomb, not just a note saying so, requires immediate no-warning shots to incapacitate the potential bomber, lest he become a martyr to Allah or some other cause, taking bystanders’ lives along with his own.

    Man-with-bomb , that is, a loser trying to rob bank with a note, was handled very gently in this case by the armed person.

    I don’t think anyone in this country would arrest or charge, much less convict, a person for immediately shooting to death someone claiming to have a bomb on their person in a public place, including a coup-de-grace if the person continued moving after the first shots.

  3. I heard this story on Mark Vanderberg’s podcast…nice victory for the good guys. I used to be self-conscious about carrying with a live round in the chamber but I’ve gotten over that. I do still keep the safety on, unless I’m carrying my Glock (and I like the handy grip safety on my Springfield XD best of all). I’m glad this incident ended peaceably thanks to an armed citizen.

  4. Mikee:

    The citizen in this case spent 5 years in the Lebanese Army. I’m pretty sure he can tell if someone is REALLY wearing a suicide vest or not.

    That said, I do like your conclusion that if they say they have a bomb, you should believe them, and react appropriately.

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