You might have seen on the intarwebs that there was some kind of gathering of gunbloggers in Indianapolis yesterday.

I have it on pretty solid authority that something in the area of 95% of the attendees were packing heaters to the event, and yet despite what Paul Helmke and the Brady Bunch would have you believe, not a single person was shot.  No firearms were brandished, and no one threatened anyone with a gun.  Shockingly enough, the meeting was entirely peaceful, courteous, and polite – almost as if guns don’t turn people into violent neanderthals.


  1. Heh.

    I’d even wager it would have taken an unusually perceptive individual to tell that there were armed folk there, and which ones were carrying, and how.

    Which, I guess, is kinda the point, innit.


  2. Yeah, I didn’t see anyone printing, and I usually look for that kind of thing. Just a good time had by all.

  3. I made note of that on the drive home…”Well, well… I carried my pistol in an establishment that serves alcohol, I drank some beer, and did not go on an insane shooting spree! Imagine that!”

    Indiana has common sense. Maybe Ohio will someday catch up.

  4. Well….. left mine in the truck…. mostly because I left my carry holster
    at home, 600 miles away. That maxpedition bag is nice, but it screams ‘GUN’
    almost as bad the fanny packs do.

    But…. I figured in that bunch, not carrying was a safe option. Safer than in the middle of a police station.

  5. I heard the the “thunk” of metal against the bench once in a while but I didn’t notice any printing.

    Good to meet everyone, even if it was just a handshake and hello.

  6. Sorry, but I have it on good authority that concealed weapons inevitably lead to wild-west shootouts, thus this story must be false.

    Nice try, gun-lobby shill, but you ain’t fooling anybody.


    Sounds like a great time — sorry me and lil’ KT couldn’t make it… Maybe another time.


  7. Not Printing?


    I got you all beat by miles! Miles I tell ya!

    Not only was my gun concealed, but So. Was. I. !!!that for concealment baybee!

    /snark, off.

    Damn, I wish I coulda been there. Gunny goodness, drinks and I’d have brought stogies. Y’all really need to come to Texas, sometime.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  8. pity me my meager HTML skills.

    It looked so much better in the draft, with the entire sentence and bits that were excised in the posting.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  9. Of course not. Let’s not be silly.

    Everyone know that it’s golf that turns men into neandertals. Or was it croquet? I forget…

    Oh, and welcome back Ahab.

  10. Oh? So that WASN’T ketchup all over the parking lot? Silly me! I never would have known.

    (Face, don’t fail me now.)


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