Indy BlogMeet Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday (Sunday) was the big/huge/awesometastic/holyshit Indy BlogMeet Part 2. There were about a jillion bloggers in attendance, as you can see from the pics!

Even more bloggers than the first time, and the picture cuts out Breda’s husband, a pair of readers and the wife of Mark from BabyTrollBlog.  Roberta has a mostly complete list at her place of the attendees of this fandango.

As usual, it was a fantastic time; unfortunately I am absolutely retarded when it comes to names, so with the exception of the people that I was sitting right in the area of, everyone else’s name is a blur of porters, Glocks, and scotch pub eggs.  There were pictures taken, one of which was of Breda with an Cthulu hat, in honor of her deciding to not vote for a lesser evil.

It was a pleasure meeting everyone, as usual – it’s nice being able to leverage Tam’s star power to drag people from all over the Midwest to our comfy little hamlet for beers and eggs.

I’d like to personally thank each and every reader that showed up as well; to be perfectly frank it was great to see all of you there, even if I didn’t get a chance to actually meet you.  Without you folks reading our blogs every day and telling your friends, all of this would be so much farting in the wind.  I am tremendously grateful for each and every reader that I have, and each and every reader that showed up.


  1. Breda never should have mentioned getting squicked out by octopoids. Every time Roberta sees a plush shell-less mollusc now, she ponders whether she should mail it to Cleveland or not…

    It’s probably the same instinct that makes her try to get me up on high places just to watch me turn pale(er).

  2. “Gun folks always look like a happy group of nice folks.”

    I told my wife something similar when I mentioned going. She is not a blog reader and so would know NOBODY there. I told her that gun folk are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and we were not disappointed.

  3. It was great to finally meet you. I’ve talked with “Ahab” several times as we’re practically neighbors and it was good to finally say hi. Bring your new bride next time.

  4. You know, my mom has always said that I’m a hat person. Now I believe her.

    We had a blast – I just wish we had more time…so many conversations that need to happen, still.

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