Blogging ain’t easy

On vacation in Central Cali, and I have to tell you, it’s weird not having a reliable internet connection. Having spent most of my life with semi decent web access, and all of my adult life hooked up to the intertrons; I’m both enjoying and hating the spotty connectivity.

That being said, it’s absolutely gorgeous here – the central Coast is my favorite part of California, and while the weather is kind of chilly for my wife, I’m loving it.


  1. I can remember one July 4th, standing in the ocean, a few feet off the shore near Santa Cruz, with the water up to mid-calf, shivering and my lips turning blue.

    The Pacific is one cold bitch.

  2. If you’re anywhere near Shell Beach (Pismo Beach), F. McLintocks Saloon & Dining House is not to be missed. Great food, great view, and mounted game animals all over.

    750 Mattie Road
    Shell Beach (Pismo Beach), CA 93449

    Phone: (805) 773-1892

  3. I actually love F.McClintocks – my family use to come up to the Pismo/Morro Bay area at least once a year. It’s the closest thing I have to a vacation home.

  4. My Texas CHL is no good in California, which chills my enthusiasm to go there.
    Sounds like you’re havin’ fun, though. Enjoy the trip.

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