Stupid lucky kids

These idiot teenagers are extremely lucky that none of them got killed.

Sheriff Dan Watts said the man heard noise in his backyard and went outside with a flash light and a gun. Several Ely teenagers who had been trespassing on the man’s property got into a vehicle and one of them shot him in the eye with a paintball gun as the car drove away. Watts said the man thought he had been shot with a real gun and returned fire striking the car but not injuring any of the occupants.

The man who was shot with the paintball has a detached retina and it was not known Monday afternoon if he would lose sight in one eye, according to Watts.

So, these stupid kids decide that it would be awesome lulz if they went around shooting people up with a paintball gun, and then they shoot a cop in the eye who rightfully fearing for his life, returned fire.  He did not hit any of the kids because he had been shot in the eye with a .69 caliber paintball and could lose sight in one of his eyes.

Personally, I hope they do file charges against these idiots.  Felony charges, give ’em the book for assaulting a police officer – and yes, before you complain that I’m only saying this because it was a cop, I’d be just as pissed if it was anyone else that could be permanently maimed because of stupid teenagers.

The other lesson incumbent in this is don’t shoot people with toy guns.  Having been shot with paintballs before, I can vouch that it’s an unpleasant experience if you’re not wearing protective gear – I can honestly say that in similar circumstances I would have likely shot back as well.

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  1. Aggravated assault? I’d say permenent blindness would qualify as “greivious bodily harm”.

  2. For once MA has a law on the books that makes sense. I believe it is illegal here to shoot a paintball gun from a car or across a public road so they would actually have something to go after these kids on. . . .

    Too bad stupid is not a crime sometimes. . . . .

  3. Remember a couple of years ago the band of teens that was doing drive-by shootings with paint guns…and filming themselves doing it?? I really hope they throw the book at these latest punks, hard, and I hope the victim sues their families.

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