Imagine Obama ‘08

I’ve seen the light at end the of our Tunnel of National Suffering, and that Light IS Barack Obama. As a result of my conversion to Obama, yesterday I went and re-wrote the words to John Lennon’s hit song “Imagine”, as a tribute to Barack Obama. The tune remains the same, it goes first verse, second verse, chorus, third verse, 2nd chorus just like the original by John Lennon.

When I get back from vacation, I’ll record my Imagine Obama ’08 Tribute and post it on Youtube – but now, here are the lyrics for “Imagine: Obama ’08”:

Imagine hopey-changey
it’s easy if you try
The people all  around us
Redistribute your pie
Imagine all the hippies
Living off the state

Imagine all our buddies
From Syria and Iran
We all get together
To sing and all hold hands
Imagine all the people
Forced to live in “peace”

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m filled with hope for change
I hope someday you’ll join me
and there will be hopey-change

Imagine no possessions
No more SUVs
No need to use the AC
Free pie for you and me
Imagine all the people
saving polar bears

You may say I’m a commie
But I know what’s best for you
I know someday you’ll join us
Because we’ll just force you to

Seeing the light has been a wonderful, enlightening experience for me.  Having unquestionable moral authority is an awesome feeling.


  1. Excellent.

    Actually we just used these lyrics in an English class assignment I helped my granddaughter out with. She had to pick a song and interpret the lyrics….You’all would’ve been proud of me. I hardly even mentioned that this was a lyrical interpretation of the communist manifesto written by a socialist fellow traveler. I just stuck with the standard utopian ‘one world’ tripe. Silky ponies and fuzzy bunnies. No religious strife, no nationalistic turmoil, no greed and separation of economic classes. All the standard stuff that the schools want to hear nowadays.

    Of course, I got a little deeper. I couldn’t help myself. She certainly wouldn’t get an alternate take on this from the school.

  2. Goes well with this:

    Obama is our shepherd

    We shall not want

    He maketh the Jew and the Arab to lie down together in green pastures

    With his blackness, he restoreth our soul

    He guides us in the path of socialism for his power’s sake

    Even though we walk through valley of the Republicans

    We will fear no evil

    For he is with us

    His hope and his change, they comfort us

    He prepares a vegetarian table before us
    In the presence of our meat-eating, Gaia-consuming enemies

    He annoints our vehicles with substitutes for oil

    Our sippy cups overflow

    Surely hopeiosity and changiness will follow us all the days of his life

    And we will dwell in the administration of the Lightworker


  3. I wonder if those on the left will recognize it as snark, or will they praise it as a hymn to their savior?

  4. If you’re bringing audio or video recording equipment to California, then we should get three or four of us to do a good acapella rendition of this. 🙂

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