By our Powers combined…

Starting not-this-Tuesday-but-rather-next-Tuesday-the-24th, Squeaky and I will be launching our co-hosted podcast, “Gun Nuts: The Next Generation”. More details to follow as we hammer them out.

I honestly have to say thanks to Cam for the idea, as he said at the NRA meetings that he’d like to have Squeaks and I on the show – we were rambling about something and the sarcasm level was off the chain.



  1. That’s not anything like “Truck Nutz” is it?
    I mean, you’re not gonna have anything dangling from your .45 are ya?

  2. Ahoy Ahab/Caleb!

    You may want to see about fixing the link to Squeeky’s site… You’ve got an extra http:// in there…


  3. does the new show come with the new bridge too? and the Lazy Boy captains chair? How about jump suits too?

    = )

    Just kidding. . . had to . . . good luck with the show, if it is as good as the blog I am sure you two will do great with it!

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