McCain thoughts

I don’t know how many other people watched McCain’s speech from Louisiana last night; but I did – and I liked it rather a lot.  While he did kind of blueball me in the sense that I was hoping he was in Louisiana to announce that Bobby Jindal was going to be his running mate (he didn’t); he did hit a lot of key talking points that I was wondering about.

I actually like that McCain is distancing himself from the current administration on some issues – I mean let’s face it, Horhay isn’t exactly popular with conservatives or liberals right now, and a little distance isn’t going to hurt.  Unfortunately for McCain, he keeps trying to tout his record on immigration as a “good thing”, which is probably going to piss off a lot of conservatives.

One of the things I really did enjoy about McCain is that he went right after Obama on a lot of issues – on the night that Obama become the presumptive Democrat nominee for President, McCain wasted no time in hitting Obama’s lack of experience and track record on the issues.

While I did have some issues with McCain’s speech last night, on the whole I was relatively pleased with it – and since we now know who he will most likely be running against, now is the time that I have to solidify my position on The McCain Train.


  1. I will be,reluctenly, voting for McCain. As a conservative, he also needs to move away from the “cap and trade” and global warming issue. Change his position on ANWR and drill it. Then keep Gitmo open for all of the terrorist we detain on the battlefield. If he does this, many conservtives will breath easier concering McCain.

  2. Hey Caleb,
    Back off Jindal we just got him and you can’t have him yet 🙂
    Seriously though I really hope McCain gets a solid VP, and I would love to see Jindal as VP or Pres, but he is getting some really good things done down here. As for a VP I rather like the Gov of Alaska. She is smart, conservative, and bonus, we get to steal all that history thunder from the Dems by electing a woman.

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