Springfields and Smiths and Berettas, oh my

It seems like the Indy 1500 wasn’t just a successful show for me and my acquisition of a spanking awesome 1951E Beretta, it appears that Tamarama made out like a bandit as well by selling her pimped-out 6.8 SPC AR.

When I say “pimped-out” to describe this rifle, I’m really not doing it justice.  The sling attachment alone should have rated a 9.5 on anyone’s tacticool meter, and if you had bought this rifle, you would have been the most tactical badass at school.

Using some kind of dark magic, Tam turned her tactical-death ray into a Trapdoor Springfield and a .32 S&W single-action Smith & Wesson.  Clearly, a good time was had by all at the gun show this last weekend.

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