The Holy Grail

Speaking of collectible Berettas, at the 1500 there was a fully transferable Beretta 38A for the low-low-buy-it-now sum of $14,000.  I figure that’s only about half of what one of our cars cost, so it’s totally affordable; plus I’d then have a 9mm submachine gun for shooting…uh…squirrels or something.

In terms of collecting Berettas, any of their submachine guns constitute the Holy Grail of Berettas as far as I’m concerned.  One of these days I’ll figure out a way to convince my wife that spending 14 thousand dollars on a gun is a totally worthwhile investment.  “But honey, it will only appreciate with time!”


  1. “But honey, it will only appreciate with time!”

    Not if the Hughes Amendment gets repealed….but maybe that might drop the price a hair.

  2. Just do what I do for flying: stop using real numbers and start measuring your costs in something like Aviation Monetary Units (AMUs). One AMU equals $100, so when I go flying, I say “well, that was two AMUs today”. Your SMG thereby is only 140 AMUs. 140 being a smaller number, it sounds better and more reasonable.

    *Blogger not responsible for consequences from actually using this idea. Use at your own risk, discontinue at first sign of nasal infection, not valid in Canada and Guam.

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