To round out today’s collection of things that are both useless and awesome, I present without further comment, the BELT SWORD (capslock has to be used when speaking of the BELT SWORD so that people understand how fearsome a weapon it really is).  Oh yeah, and Larry is right – don’t actually watch their videos at work – it really is a topless woman swinging this thing around.  I guess the makers of the BELT SWORD showed up at class on the “sex sells” day.

I want to see EliteTeamFighting Guy demonstrate the BELT SWORD.


  1. No no no. It’s a topless woman who ineptly swings a BELT SWORD in slow motion while trying desperately to hide her nipples under her hair or hand (and fails dramatically in one instance).

    The good thing to know is that if you are ever attacked by plywood, you’d be in good shape.

  2. “The good thing to know is that if you are ever attacked by plywood, you’d be in good shape.”

    Indeed, I was hearing the addage from Box o Truth “X is not human flesh. How Y performs on X will not tell you how Y will perform on humans”

    At first I thought the blade was Razor sharp (where would I get that idea…oh maybe the name “Razor Sword”) but instead it has a rounded edge. I suspect it won’t get through most standard clothing, and instead give a myriad of NASTY bruises.

    If I want to suprise a goblin a pocket gun will do the trick MUCH better.

    But Boobs are always nice ; ]

  3. After I stopped laughing, I just had one question: what are the odds you could get through airport security wearing one of those things?

  4. I keep having this image of one with a defective belt going “Boing!” and popping out while someone is standing on the bus, resulting in a couple of skewered passengers.

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