Down the memory hole

Not even two hours after I publish my rebuttal of the Guns and Meat post an alert reader (thanks Boyd) has pointed out that the original post has now been taken down by the Brady Campaign.

I am actually really surprised at how fast that went down. If you’re looking for it, here’s the cached version from Google at this link so you can see what I’m referring to in my post below this one.

I also took a couple of screen caps of the Google Cache page just to be on the safe side. I suppose this just goes to further the point that the Brady campaign and their astroturf cannot stand to actually engage in any sort debate, be it political or theological.

Apparently the post is still up at HuffPo, you can also find it copy and pasted in its entirety at the Brady Campaign Blog, which for some reason cracks me up.

Update: Hi JadeGold – I see you in my referral logs!  Feel free to leave a comment, unlike the Brady Campaign I don’t delete comments.


  1. All the traffic seems to have killed the hamster that powers the Brady campaign’s servers. Someone should ask PETA to send over another one.

  2. Do they have something against double barrel guns? I assume it’s some sort of derringer and not a “rapid-fire assault weapon”.

    Anyway, there’s an extension for Firefox that enables easy page capturing. I think it is ScreenGrab. It may be a bit buggy, though (some pages won’t be captured for some reason).

  3. I wonder how long the following reply will be on their blog:

    My guns protect your right to practice your religion.

    Remember that!

    Many years ago a wise man said:
    “Whoever has a purse should take it along, and likewise a bag, and whoever does not have one should sell his cloak and buy a sword.”

    I have the sword, and I will defend your right to your beliefs even if they are not the same as “my one true religion”

  4. Download a free/open source .pdf writer, then “print” to a .pdf file.



  5. I use “CutePDF” — google for it (apparently I can’t insert a link…)

    When easy setup is complete, you simply click “print” and select the “pdf” printer. It will then prompt you for a filename, and it’s done!

    Simple, effective, and FREE!! What’s not to love!!


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