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I logged into Haloscan recently to see if anyone had been leaving comments at my old blog’s URL, and much to my shock and surprise I found out that people actually had, despite the fact that I haven’t posted any new content there in 6 or so months.

But I don’t want people to think I’m ignoring them, so I’ll answer your comments on the old blog right here.

From DH405:

Considering your taste for Zombie films and such paired with your shooting habit(er, hobby,) I would think you’ve seen these. But just in case :

Zombie range targets.

Awesome.  I am going to order a 10 pack of those and take them with me next time I go to the range.  No really, those are fantastic.

Also from DH405:

Do you use anything for loading the mags more easily? I have a P22 in the mail this week, and I was looking to see if there’s a good speed loader out there.

That question is in regards to my post on the Walther P-22, the post at the old blog is still in the top 15 google results for “Walther P22”.  To answer the question though – no I haven’t, the magazines still suck to load and my thumb gets sore from holding that little stupid button down long enough to load all five of the mags I have for the gun.

From Peter:

What is the big deal with hats? That is the stupidest unfounded thing I have ever heard of….Makes me crack up if people are that lame in thought that they do something “because it shows respect”. It does no such thing. What a load O’ Crap. You try to knock my hat off and that’ll be the day partner.

This was in response to a really old post, entitled “Take your damn hat off“, in which I railed against people with poor manners.  All I have to say to Peter is “thank you for proving my point”.

There are a whole bunch more comments that I’ve picked up in the last few months that I’ll slowly betting around to responding to.

But seriously, if you’re at my old blog, come over here.  The party is on.


  1. Caleb,

    I have a small piece of plastic that goes around my magazines for my Ruger 22/45’s that spreads the pressure of that little button out so that you can hold it down more easily.

    I’ll send some pics later. Not sure if it would work with the P22 mags or not. For a few dollars, might be worth looking into.


  2. Yeah, absolutely. My email is in the “About” section, just shoot them over and I’ll post them.

    If you can tell me where you bought the stuff, I’ll try it out.

  3. The “mousegun practice” post was a good one. I’ve often wondered what people actually hope to accomplish by going to the range. I still haven’t gotten around to putting my hands on a Buckmark. The $$s still there, but slowly slipping away.

    On holding doors for people. How do you handle double doors/airlock type doors? You almost have to let the other person get the door after you let them in the first one, otherwise you have to have them stand there while you pass them up to open the door again.

    I’m glad someone else remembers that people used to take their hats off inside. Not sure how it started, but if it was once good manners, it still must be good manners.

  4. Jim, with double doors where there’s an outer door, a vestibule, and then an inner door, I’ll usually hold the outer door open for whoever it is. Mrs. Ahab will stop and wait for me to get to the inner door before she comes through – we joke around that she doesn’t know how to open doors since we got married.

  5. My friend has a walther p-22 and i don’t remember a button to push when reloading the mag..

  6. There’s a nub (for lack of a better word) on the side of the magazine that you can hold down to make loading the mags easier – you don’t have to hold it down, actually but it does ease the loading process.

    Until the part where your hand starts to hurt.

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