Ban the SKS 47

You know, sometimes I wish I was an anti-gun person, because it must be really, really awesome to operate with impunity outside of the realm of logic and facts.

Today we’re having a conversation on whether an SKS 47 (photo)  should not be banned from use in the city of Philadelphia. Can you imagine having a conversation, having to fight back a challenge to some who would say that that should be okay, we should not ban that weapon.”

The photo shows both an SKS and a Kalashnikov pattern rifle, so I’m not sure which is the SKS47 they’re talking about.  H/T to Sebastian for the story.

Honestly, I am actually getting tired of this.  It is incredibly difficult to educate people about firearms when they get all their information from the media, because the media and politicians have no friggin’ idea what they’re actually talking about.


  1. Actually, Caleb, media ignorance isn’t limited to firearms arcana. They’re pretty much ignorant on every subject — to a considerable depth and in excrutiating detail.

    I’m minded of a comment Heinlein made in correspondence with his agent, to the effect that he’d personally been present (three times I think he wrote) at events later reported in Time and the published reports were wrong on every significant detail.

    A long time ago, when household schedules mandated my having to sit through ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings as anchor, I adopted the practice of believing the exact, diametric opposite of anything Jennings said in a report unless and until confirmed by a more-reliable source. I have since expanded this to include the entire so-called Mainstream Media. It has served me remarkably well. (Thus my remarks. ::grin:: )


  2. I’d have to agree with these people. Someone shooting a police officer with an SKS-47 *is* a pretty big deal.

    Not because it was a cop who got shot, mind you. Rather it’s because the shooter has obviously created some new type of Frankengun using parts from two completely different weapons systems, and the chances of it successfully firing without a malfunction are astronomical.

  3. Must be related to that AR-47 I heard abount on the news the other day…

    Hey, is the SKS-47 the one that shoots a bullet 15 miles and can take out airliners? Cool, huh.

    Would it be that bad, really, if they banned technically non-existant guns?

  4. And I’m such a gun geek I was wondering if it was one of the SKS-D variants, the ones that take AK-47 magazines…

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