Vidcast: Bowling Pin Shoot

Had a great time at the Bowling Pin shoot this weekend at Marion County Fish & Game Association, as usual the match was a lot of fun. One of the highlights was the guy who brought his .445 SuperMag and shot a round with it – my buddy Greg was standing at the point next to him when he set it off, and was not expecting the “flash and thunder” that came out of that gun.

A couple of cool pictures before the video stuff – first is this picture of a broom handle that apparently caught a ricochet from one of the pins. We use this broom to sweep pin debris off the table – the odds of it catching a ricochet perfectly in the center like that are pretty long. As usual, click all pics to embiggenate.

It’s a perfect shot – I must confess, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Right through the center of the broom.

The next picture is kind of cool as well – it’s another one-in-a-million photo. I only wish that I’d had a camera other than my camera phone, but it worked out okay in the end.

The reason why I like this picture is that it’s one of those cool “gun pictures” that you see from time to time. If you look closely, you can see that I’ve got brass in the air from my P22, but all five pins are standing up. I shot this run clean, so that means that the bullet is somewhere in the air in between the muzzle of the gun and the first pin on the left. Kind of neat if you ask me.

But anyway, on to the video. First up is my buddy and reader Greg shooting his Beretta 92 – he had a pretty good day actually.

Next video is actually two videos, I ran the two clips of Greg running his Remington .22LR rifle in the pinheads match. Our club does the .22 LR match the following way, if you’re shooting a pistol with iron sights you have five pins, a pistol with an optic gets 6 pins, a rifle with iron sights gets 6 pins, and a rifle with an optic gets 7 pins – which is why Greg has so many pins to knock down. In the second part of the video where Greg’s gun starts jamming, the laughter you hear is coming from the R.O. – Greg still won that heat as the other guy’s gun jammed as well.

The last video is me shooting the .22LR match with my P22. This is the short barreled P22, not exactly what I would call an “ideal” pin gun, as at 25 feet the front sight was the same size as the pin head. However, I’ve shot this gun a lot, literally thousands of rounds, so I ended up doing much better than I had any business doing – I made it to the final stage and only lost the championship match by a hair. This video is the semi-final round of the pin-head match.

As usual, I had a blast-and-a-half shooting the pin match. The guys at MCF&G ran a safe, fun match. I’m starting to slowly get the hang of this “bowling pin” thing – I was hitting the targets cleanly with my 9mm, but not necessarily clearing them off the table until one of the RO’s told me to hit ’em just a little higher. Sure enough, I adjusted my point of aim up a hair and the pins started moving off the table. Next time, I’m going to switch to a 147 grain bullet for the 9mm and see if I can’t get those pins off the table with a bit more alacrity.


  1. That would actually make the picture even more awesome then – my buddy with the camera got super lucky on that one.

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