Project Frankenshotty

The Horrible Frankenshotgun is now complete; I took parts from a grand total of 5 different shotguns that I scrounged from the internets (and in one case was found by an intrepid reader) to complete my awful monster. I apologize for the expression in the photo, I was not expecting the camera to go off when it did, otherwise you’d be treated to the exact same smile that I have in all the NRA Convention photos.

I need to get out to the farm and see how it handles slugs, buckshot, and birdshot. My original intention behind this gun was to use it for Canada Geese, however after some research it seems that the general consensus is that 20 gauge 2 3/4 are a little light for geese unless you’re taking extremely close range shots. I’ll probably pick up a 12 gauge to begin my war on the Feathered Menace.

I’m sure I can find some use for a light kicking 20 gauge shotgun though, if it’s reliable with slugs and buck it would make an excellent gun to keep by the bed in the event of a home invasion zombie apocalypse.


  1. Remington Model 11, basically the same as the A5, although there are a few key differences that make certain parts (like barrels) not interchangeable.

    I’ve been told that if I had a 20 gauge that took 3-inch magnums I’d be okay on geese, but the Frankenshotgun is 2 3/4 only.

  2. Sure, don’t even bother linking to your intrepid reader. I’m sure he won’t care 😉

    Nice looking scattergun though! Even if it isn’t a top-notch goose gun, the 20ga is good for just about anything else you can use a 12ga for. I know a lot of people who use them for trap/skeet.

  3. It is an excellent gun – I was running some 20 gauge slugs through it today, for gits and shiggles – the thing loves them.

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