PX4 Storm Subcompacts shipping in June

From John Snow at The GunShots:

Beretta says its sub-compact versions of the PX4 Storm pistols are going to start shipping on June 1. The pistols come in either 9mm (13+1) or 40 S&W (10+1) and list for $600 and $575 respectively.

Did someone say “sub-compact 9mm Beretta”? Maybe I can get John to send me their test pistol for uh…further testing and carrying.

Sidebar note: I’ve added a new category for posts, labeled “Beretta”, since I plan on doing some Beretta specific content here in the future.


  1. Don’t hold your breath. When I got my carry permit last July the PX4 subcompacts were “coming summer 2007.”

    Bought a P99 compact instead.

  2. I’m just waiting for the Walther PPS to become {spit} MA-approved… That is one sweeeeeeet lookin’ mini-pistol…

  3. I’m really liking my full sized PX4, in 9mm.

    No failures of any kind, never been cleaned (doing a 2000 round torture test). But I only have 350 rounds through it so far. I plan on another 100 this weekend.

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