HK: You still suck and we still hate you

If anyone at the NRA Convention had managed to wander by the H&K booth, they would have been treated to the poster in Tam’s post, which she sums up quite nicely:

By using your free time and hard-earned cash to attend the NRA’s Annual Meeting here in Louisville, you have demonstrated that you are among the solid center in the fight to retain your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. To honor your commitment, we have set up a display here at the convention featuring one of our newest ubertactical rifles.

Like it? Want one? Tough. Unless your last name is “Police Department”.

Because you still suck, and we still hate you.

If you managed to get past all the drooling fanboys, you would have seen that their display booth had a bunch of guns that they’re never going to sell to you and me, their neato 416, some MP5s, and a G36. They did have the bastardized civilian version of the G36, so if you’re interested in paying $1,600 for a neutered rifle you totally can – me, I’ll take that 1600 smackers and buy any of the following:

  1. 2 AR15s
  2. 3 CZ Bolt action .223 rifles
  3. 8 SKSs
  4. 8000 rounds of 9mm ammo
  5. 400 gallons of gas.

Not that I’m knocking HK’s products, but rather their contempt of the civilian market. Meanwhile, the FNH booth had loads and loads of guns that are available to the general civilian market – and remember, the next time some ubertacticool guy is talking about how badass HK is, remind him that FN makes something like 70% of the small arms in use by our military.


  1. In contrast to HK, which may sell you a gun kind of like the ones they sell to gummint ninjas, there’s Springfield Armory.

    A Springfield Professional Model isn’t “just like” the ones used by the FBI’s HRT, it is the gun. The guy who built it didn’t know if he was making the pistol for the civilian market or to fill that month’s contract deliveries. The serial numbers on either side of the one sitting in your hand may be sitting in an agent’s holster right now.

  2. You know, one of these days I’ll get around to buying one of those infernal “Nineteen-Eleven” pistols you people are always talking about.

    I just don’t understand why I’d want to put unnecessary safeties on my gun though.

  3. from HK Customer Service (who says they don’t have a sense of humor) on 5/12

    “Heckler & Koch will manufacture semi-automatic civilian rifles inspired and influenced by the highly successful HK416/HK417 series. The rifles will include components manufactured in both Germany and the United States. The rifles are under development and the exact configurations, commercial release date, and other details are currently not available.”

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