Armed shooter stopped by civilians

A “man with a rifle” started shooting outside of a Catholic church in California today, however before he was able to kill anyone (one wounded person is in critical condition, but not dead) he was stopped by civilians.

The suspect was reloading his weapon when he was tackled by several witnesses who were volunteers at the festival.

Bravo to the citizens who went after this guy – it’s an excellent demonstration of what actions to take when you’re confronted by a person obviously bent on doing harm: fight.  Do not “give them what they want”, you fight back.

The one way I can think of that would improve my reaction to this story would be if it had happened somewhere that allows people to carry firearms, and after the first shot the “gunman” had been cut down in a fusillade of gunfire from law-abiding citizens with carry permits.  But today I’ll settle for tackling.


  1. In Cali you have to be either a celebrity, a generous donor to the sheriffs re-election fund, or a gang-banger to be carrying a gun.

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