Talk about cognitive dissonance

You know, if we could harness cognitive dissonance and use it to power cars, our energy crisis would be over.  Because we’d have groups like “Queers for Palestine” to power every car in the country for 1,000 years.

If you don’t feel like clicking through their website (and I wouldn’t blame you) what they are is a pro-gay rights group that is also advocating the creation of a Palestinian state in place of Israel.

In case you missed that on the first pass, let me restate myself: these are gay people advocating for the creation of a Muslim state.  Completely forgetting what happens to gay people in Muslim states (places like Iran “don’t have gays”), and also ignoring the fact that Israel is essentially the only gay-friendly nation in the entire Middle East.

This is the kind of thing that falls into the category of “it would be funny if it wasn’t true”.


  1. I must add a gentle correction here. Middle Eastern governments and the Muslim faith punish homosexual men quite viciously. However, buggering young boys is a cultural tradition and happens all the time, partly because young men are restricted in their ability to interact with young women.

    So let’s not get the two very different things confused. Homosexual men are considered criminal deviants. Heterosexual men who also bugger either men or boys are just enjoying the fruits of their society and culture.

  2. Mikee is right; as a matter of fact the Qur’ān promises young boys in Paradise, along with the virgin girls.

  3. Wow…just WOW.

    That’s WORSE than the anti-gun gays and feminist groups…because seriously, what do they have to worry about?


    I really am flabergasted by this!

  4. It’s typical liberal groupthink, I see it all the time. Basically it boils down to this: because you agree with one part of our agenda, you must agree with all of it. It’s especially prevalent in the gay community, where it’s assumed that if you’re gay, you’re also a card-carrying leftist (I learned this more through talking with a gay libertarian who also happened to be a Huckabee supporter back before being a Huckabee supporter was “cool” , no, I’m not making this up).

    Conservatives have their own version too, but its more “well, if you believe x, y, and z, you’re a conservative, but if you believe x and y, but not z you’re an xy conservative and if you believe…” Well, you get the idea.

    Finally, it also strikes me as leftist reactionism. Conservatives/Christians/Republicans believe X, so X must be wrong, so I will take position -X.

    That being said, it’s a really funny thing, when it comes to radical Islam, the people who have the most to loose (social liberals) are the people most likely to give in, while the people who have the least to loose (social conservatives) are the ones who will generally fight tooth and nail. I really don’t get it…

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