Podcast: Guns and games

Video games are a hobby of mine, not quite as near and dear to my heart as the shooting sports, but something I enjoy nonetheless.  That’s why today’s podcast talks about the often concerning convergence between the shooting sports and gamer culture.


If the embedded flash player doesn’t play the audio correctly, just hit the link labeled “download” to listen, or you can click this link to download it on iTunes. The embedded flash player doesn’t always like Internet Explorer 6, however audio should play fine in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.


  1. Well done, and a very balanced look at some of the commonalities between the two cultures. I will say, there are more conservatives and shooters than you might think within the video game industry, but it is by and large comprised predominately of liberal-leaning folk.

  2. Good ol’ Commodore 64. I remember playing The Goonies game for it. And later my family purchased an NES, and also The Goonies II game for that system as well. And after that, The Goonies franchise apparently became unprofitable.

    I was never really into FPSs, until I played one in multi-player mode. I could count on my opponents being as poor as players as myself.

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