H.R. 1022 picking up steam

In the last couple of weeks, HR 1022 (The McCarthy Super-Dooper gun ban) has picked up 6 additional co-sponsors, brining the total to 66.  You can view the entire list of members of the House that have co-sponsored the bill by clicking on this link.  If you don’t see your local rep on the list, contact them and urge them to continue to not support or co-sponsor this awful piece of legislation.  If you do see your rep on the list, you’re probably from California – seriously, half the co-sponsors of that thing are from The People’s Republic.

It seems like the anti-gun faction in Congress is growing more and more bold, which means it’s time for all of you who voted for so-called “Blue Dog” democrats to call them and remind them that your support for them only goes so far as they don’t start signing onto crazy anti-gun legislation.  Even if Republican’s numbers shrink in the ’08 Election, and god forbid we lose the Presidential race, we need to keep the pressure on the Democrat reps who ran on more “conservative” platforms.


  1. I was somewhat surprised to find Rep. Grijalva of Tucson, AZ on the list.

    Only “somewhat”, as he’s very left-wing and this seems to be a left-wing issue, but “surprised” nonetheless because Arizona is quite a pro-liberty state, so I wasn’t expecting him to co-sponsor such an egregious bill.

    Letters have been sent.

  2. Price, Miller, and Watt signed on from NC. No surprise. they’re alway been willing to sign on to any legislation that bans guns. They’re all from the liberal left…way left. Price’s wife runs the local Brady clone. Unfortunately they are all from districts made especially for them and safe from voter retribution.

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