E Postal Match: Pin training

Went and shot this month’s E-Postal Match on Saturday.  I took two of my favorite .45 caliber guns; my ’58 Remington that I converted to .45 Colt and my 1937 Brazilian Contract Smith & Wesson in .45 ACP.

This is our first international e-postal match, hosted by a French shooter.   The rules were a total of 10 shots on two different pieces of paper – the first paper had five really small bullseyes, and the 2nd paper had a bowling pin with a triangular shaped target zone.  The bullseye targets were scored by their number, and the scoring for the pin was a shot in the red triangle was worth 10, hits to the body of the pin were worth 5, and a hit to the head of the pin was worth one.  Maximum match score is 100 points.

But that’s enough talking from me, so why don’t we laisse les objectifs a parler.

First off, I shot the ’58 Remington at the bullseye target.  5 shots at 25 feet, total target score of 46.  Click the picture for fullsize.

2nd Target – the “Bowling pin”.  I shot this one clean for a target score of 50.

So with the ’58 Remington, which I shot in the Centerfire Iron Sight Class (Class 3), I scored a 96 out of a possible 100.  Not too shabby.

Next up I shot the 1937 Brazilian Contract Smith and Wesson in .45 ACP, also at a distance of 25 feet.  The first target I shot a 45 out of a possible 50.

The 2nd target, the bowling pin, I dropped a shot into the body of the pin which gave me a 45 out of a possible 50 on this target.

My total score with the ’37 Brazilian S&W was a 90 out of 100 – also entered into the Centerfire Iron Sight category.

All in all, not a bad day at the range.  I was a little dissapointed because I wanted to shoot both of the “bowling pin” targets clean, but I shouldn’t get too greedy.  I did have fun with this match, it was just the right amount of challenge coupled with fun.  Plus, it reminded me that there’s another pin shoot coming up this month that I need to buy some ammo for.

I had a lot of fun with this match – can’t wait for next month’s!


  1. Nice shots Caleb, I’m glad you enjoyed shooting this e postal match.
    Right now my best score is only 76 with my mark 23.

  2. nice! both of you guys are way ahead of me. I’ll have to ty to get out and shoot it again, see if I can bring my score up a bit. I don’t mind being the anchor, so long as I’m not a DEEP anchor 😉

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