Project Frankenshotty

My BAG Day gun has turned into some kind of devil hybrid project, as it seems that finding certain parts for a Remington 11 in 20 gauge is slightly more difficult than I would have expected. Namely, the part I’m having a hard time getting my hands on is a 20 gauge barrel for the dang thing.

Because it’s become a horrible frankenbeast of a shotgun using parts from all over (including a Browing Auto-5 stock), I’ve taken to calling it the Frankenshotty, which makes me laugh every time I say it. To complete the Frankenshotty, all I need at this juncture is a 20 gauge barrel, which is actually quite difficult to find. The problem is that the e-gunparts guys are sold out, and I can’t use a Browning Auto-5 barrel on it because the ejectors don’t match, and of course this is the time I can’t find anything on Gunbroker.

Now, if one of you fine gentlemen or ladies who reads here happens to have a line on some 20 gauge Remington 11 barrels, drop me a line. Seriously. Because I have an awesome shotgun just waiting to be born. And besides, you know you want to contribute to something with an awesome name like “Frankenshotty”. Plus, if I get a barrel for this thing, it will be the first gun project that I’ve ever actually completed that required more work than dropping in a cylinder conversion.


  1. I’ll keep an eye out.

    Did you know that Kurt Cobain used a Remington Model 11 in 20ga? Not only is this a Frankenshotty, but you can also call it a “dead rock star” gun.

  2. I thought Ahlmans just did slug barrels, which while it would make Frankenshotty cool for different reasons would also render its purpose of busting clay targets and killing geese at short ranges null and void.

    I looked into the Auto-5 barrels, and the problem would involve some metal work, something with which I am not exactly WIZARD.

  3. If all else fails, I’m sure you could find a gunsmith to do the alteration. Of course, that would also screw up the “i did it myself” aspect of your project.

  4. Holy crap I love having readers. I never even thought to look on Auction Arms…I wonder what my old username is?

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