Police Gun Cameras

I actually agree with this bill, and wouldn’t mind something like this being used nationwide.

A D.C. Councilman has introduced a bill which would require that police officer’s handguns be equipped with a “gun cam” that goes active when the pistol is drawn from the holster.

I actually think this is an awesome idea – as someone who used to be involved in law enforcement, I am in favor of technology that adds another level of accountability to police officers.  I firmly believe that cops must be held to the highest standards of conduct, as anyone who is in position to enforce the laws of the land should be.  By adding a “shoot cam” to an officer’s firearm, it also creates additional record keeping, which can be used to protect cops from frivolous lawsuits.

Right now, the technology to do this is being tested in Orange County, NY – from what I understand the camera is just a little doohickey that attaches to the accessory rail on most modern pistols.  I love it when technology and the firearms industry converge to make stuff like this.


  1. I’d only favor it if it doesn’t make the gun unwieldy. If you can integrate it into the pistol like you can with laser sights, maybe. I wouldn’t install one of these on my firearm, and if I’d be wary of it, I can’t exactly say it’d be a great thing for police officers.

  2. My understanding of it is that the goal is to make it no less obtrusive than a tac-light on a rail.

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