If McCain is Colonel Tigh

Does that mean that Obama is Gaius Baltar?

It makes sense – they’re both well educated, have been accused of elitism, and have an extremely dedicated semi-religious following. They’re also both not interested in anything other than their own advancement. Obama has his wife whispering crazy things in his ear, and Baltar has his imaginary Six whispering crazy things in his ear.

Obama: Viewed with messianic fervor by his followers.

Baltar: Viewed as the messiah by his followers.

Obama: Aspirations to be president.

Baltar: Was president.

Obama: Claims to represent the working man.

Baltar: claimed to represent the working man.

The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
Sure, McCain actually looks like Colonel Tigh, but Obama’s policies and actions sure do resemble those of Gaius Baltar.


  1. I figured I covered that with the crazy religious following bit.

    But seriously, this shit had me laughing for like 20 minutes last night.

  2. Sorry, I commented by clicking on the link in my RSS reader and spouting off. Turns out, what’s in my reader isn’t what’s on this page. I see you did cover that.

    My bad!

  3. So I get to choose between a drunken closet Cylon and a Messianic, delusional god-botherer…? Sheesh…FRAK that. How many centons ’til the election again?

  4. I would wager good odds that Baltar is the more intelligent of the two, but Obama is more than sufficiently intelligent to not only come across as educated, but also be capable of couching his crap political plans in the best framework imaginable, to be bought-off by nearly everyone. And those people are scary.

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