Special Podcast: Primary!

Here is the special podcast I did for the Indiana primary, now with 100% more bourbon.  Honestly, I can’t deal with CNN’s coverage any longer sober, so I’ve started in on the Knobb Creek.


If the embedded flash player doesn’t play the audio correctly, just hit the link labeled “download” to listen, or you can click this link to download it on iTunes. The embedded flash player doesn’t always like Internet Explorer 6, however audio should play fine in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.


  1. It’s nice to hear about local stuff. Something like this would be pointless for my district, though, as no one even runs against my congressman anymore.

  2. doesn’t always like Internet Explorer 6

    Anyone still using IE6 deserves what they get.

  3. The swigs of bourbon made it for me.

    Tho when I drink Kentucky’s greatest invention I drink Wild Turkey 101 neat. : ]

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