You might be a gunnie if:

Inspired by yesterday’s shindig and other events:

  1. You reach into your pocket to get your matches and come up with a 9mm round (thanks Og)
  2. Your wife hands you a .22LR that she found in your jeans pocket while doing the laundry, and your first thought is “wow that’s clean, I should machine wash all my brass before I reload it”.
  3. Your second thought is “holy hell, I was wearing those jeans in airport security three times and that round made it through.”
  4. Your pre-bed ritual involves spending 5 minutes before you brush your teeth pulling spent .45 ACP brass out of revolver moon clips.
  5. You get giddy when you’re at the range with your .45 ACP revolvers, because it gives you a chance to legitimately says “clips” and not have the magazine-nazis get on your case.


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  1. Haha! I always find .22 LR in the laundry – and in the bottom of my purse – and in the treads of my shoes….

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