S&W Revolver lock

From AFcom, a user who experienced his S&W revolver lock malfunction, which essentially pwned his gun into a not-so-great club.

This is the malfunction that S&W said wasn’t happening, and that more than a few gun writers dismissed as “the internet”.

I am not knocking S&W revolvers here…but I should also note that I don’t own any “post lock” S&W, and the only revolvers I do own that have locks are Taurus’; the locking system on those is fundamentally different from the S&W system and can’t interfere with the function of the gun on accident.


  1. And that looks like a performance center gun, too. Lotsa $$$ for a club. I would demand a fix or the goats would give them such a punishment!

  2. the poster is a personal acquaintance of mine, and someone that is more knowledgeable about firearms than probably anyone i know… if he says it happened a specific way… you can bet your paycheck that it did…

  3. No no, I believe the guy. I’ve heard about this before and always thought it was kind of uncool of S&W to just say “nope, doesn’t happen”.

  4. and if you get a set of their keys that weren’t properly tempered (like i did) you’ll find they only turn one way and distort so much that you can’t unlock the gun until you find a properly hardened key some where…
    not confidence inspiring …

  5. To amplify what Caleb says about the Taurus locks, at least on the 1911 it can easily be removed by replacing the hammer. It just took a little work with a stone to get the trigger as smooth as it was before.

  6. The S&W trigger locks must have been designed by a team of lawyers, looking for some CYA from the anti’s who demand insane things like these. Will those same lawyers be held accountable when an accidentally “locked” S&W fails to discharge when it’s needed, and someone is assaulted/raped/murdered as a result?

    That’s a purely rhetorical question. We know bloody well that there will be NO accountability for injuries resulting from these failures, either from the manufacturer or the Brady Bunch.

  7. Like I said, I buy Taurus for a reason. As Fits noted, you can remove their lock on the 1911 by changing the hammer out, on their revolvers I can honestly say I’ve never engaged the lock intentionally, and never had a revolver lock up on accident. I’ve put thousands and thousands of rounds down out of Taurus guns, and they get a whole hearted stamp of approval from me.

  8. Maybe now S&W will remove their heads from their rear ends and do away with these locks. I WILL NOT buy another S&W until they do away with them…PERIOD!!

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