Meeting bloggers is cool

Yesterday I went to the first roughly organized Indy bloggers meet-up, which was a duce-and-a-half of an experience. In attendance in edition to myself were Roberta, Tam, Og, Old Grouch, Mark Alger, Frank James, and a couple of other folk whose names escape me at the moment.

Tam was right, people say that Knoxville is the center of blogging power, but with the number of Indiana (and one Cincinnati) bloggers that showed up, I would dispute that statement.

We met up at the Broad Ripple Brewpup, I place I’d never been to prior to today, had some scotch pub eggs and a pint of the porter, and generally chatted about everything from guns to politics to the upcoming primary election.

It was neat for me to actually meet Frank W. James, the author of the MP5 book, a copy of which is sitting behind me right now as I write this. Good times were had by all, and we’ll be doing another round up come June, which should include some folks from a bit further away as well.

Also, if any of the folks that were there read this, try and get down to the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash, held in conjunction with the NRA Annual Meetings. You can register for the blog bash at this URL.

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  1. We may have the numbers (of bloggers) on them, but we’d have to go a ways to match ’em on numbers (of eyeballs reading).

    Which I guess is a challenge of sorts, eh?


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