Indiana Primary

Vote reminder: if you’re a resident of the 5th Congressional District of Indiana, get out to the primary on May 6th and vote for Dan Burton in the Republican Primary.

If you’re a voter who is often motivated by gun rights and the right to keep and bear arms, then you should have a look at Dan’s strong track record on 2nd Amendment issues, as well as his “A” rating by the NRA, unlike his opponent who is associated with anti-gun groups.

I had a couple of readers email me and ask me why I’m getting so pumped up over this primary, and the 5th District campaign in general.  There are a couple of reasons, the primary one being that with the possibility of an extremely anti-gun president we need all the strong pro-gun members of congress possible.  Secondly, I’m fired up over it because the 5th District is where I live, it’s my home; and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to do everything I can to ensure that my representative actually represents me and my interests.

So that’s about it – get out and vote on May 6th.  Not sure where to go to cast your ballot in the primary?  Click on this link to find your Indiana polling place.  I’m glad I did that, because mine has changed from the last election.  I’ll be at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church, on 126th St, sometime in the early-ass morning on May 6th.

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