Reply from Dr. McGoff’s campaign

As you know, I have enthusiastically endorsed Dan Burton in the 5th District Primary for our open Congressional seat.  A large part of that endorsement was Congressman Burton’s “A” rating from NRA, as well as Dr. McGoff’s involvement with various anti-gun groups.  I had emailed the campaign of Dr. McGoff about his interaction with the said anti-gun groups, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to run the reply I received from his campaign manager.

John was never a formal member of the Indiana Partnership to Prevent Firearm Violence.  The extent of his involvement, as I understand it, is that while he was Marion County Coroner, the group would use documents from his office on deaths in Marion County to do their reports, but those were public documents that he could not refuse them.  To insinuate from that—which was his public duty as coroner—that he is a member of the group is overreaching.

John is a member of the NRA, and has been trained and certified to use an M16, .38, .45 and M9, and has had familiarization training on a 50 caliber weapon during the course of his 26 year military career (he is still serving as a full colonel in the Air National Guard).

I do appreciate the clarification, however this does not affect my vote.  Dan Burton has in the past clearly demonstrated himself as a friend and advocate of law-abiding gun owners, and despite any emails or comments from a campaign manager, Dr. McGoff’s level of involvement with the Indiana Partnership is still an open question to me.

I am still supporting Dan Burton in the 5th District Republican primary, and I encourage Hoosier voters residing in this district to get out and vote for Congressman Burton on May 6th in our primary.