Poor ad placement

This banner ad was emailed to me by a reader – he was surfing about.com for info on .380 vs. 9mm (get the 9mm – ed) and was sort of tickled by the odd appearance of what we’re calling a Barack Obanner ad.

As always, click to enlarge.

Now, I know that the Obama campaign doesn’t control where their ads on About.com pop up, which is precisely why we found this so funny, because in the context of the article and Barack’s stance on self-defense, it just tickled the old funny bone.

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  1. Actually, it wouldn’t shock me if they did purposely place it on gun related pages. His campaign may be doing that as subtle outreach to gun owners since many pundits are crediting that bitter statement with pissing off more than a few folks – the type of folks he needs to reach to prove he’s an electable candidate.

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