LASO Deputies have super-hearing

Because according to the sergeant that deals with the press, they can tell what the caliber and make of a rifle is just by the sound.

Castano says judging by the noise of the weapon, the gun was likely an assault rifle.

He could not confirm media reports the weapon was an AK-47

So was it an assault rifle or wasn’t it?  Now, I’m mostly kidding around with the LA County Sheriff’s Office here, because I’m pretty strongly biased in their favor – but come on, I’ve heard loads of AKs being fired and I couldn’t tell the difference between the sound of an AK, an SKS, or a bolt rifle chambered in 7.62×39.

Making statements like that to the press just feeds the assault rifle fervor – just look at the title of the linked article.


  1. I don’t think anybody in Compton has invested in a bolt 7.62, ever.
    Thug 1: Yo, CJ check out his new piece
    Thug 2: What is that thing?
    Thug 1: Dis is a See zee five twenny seven, its for shootin pigs
    Thug 2: The picture on the website shows a real pig, not the Poh pohs
    Thug 1: Oh….uh…
    Thug 2: You see any hogs around here? You shoulda stayed in school, dog.

  2. I thought sks and ak variants were banned in california. The officer must be mistaken.

  3. Saigas are still legal in California. I think there was a lawsuit that California lost, allowing for certain AK-patterned rifles to be sold.

  4. Wait, you mean Heartbreak Ridge lied to me, and the AK-47, the weapon of our enemies, does not make a distinctive popping sound when fired???

  5. “Officials say two suspects with a large-caliber rifle shot at sheriff’s deputies in Compton.”

    Large caliber? I wouldn’t call anything with a 7.62 a large caliber. I guess nobody told those idiots what caliber meant.

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