Assault Weapons ban in Louisiana

HB 68 has been introduced in the Louisiana house – the text of the bill would make it one of the most draconian gun bans this side of of Washington DC.  Here is a partial list of firearms which would banned under HB 68:

Center Fire Rifles: Benelli R1; Browning BAR, Mark II Safari autoloaders, Browning Pump Rifle; Colt, Armalite, Les Baer, etc. Match Rifles; DSA Model SA58; Fabrique Nationale FAL; Harrington and Richardson Models 340, 360; H&K 770, 2000, SL6, SR9, 300, 630, 91, 93; Marlin Camp Carbine, Model 992; Mitchell Model LW-9; M-1 Carbine, all makes and models; Reising Model 60; Remington 7400, 740, 74, 4, 8 semi-autos; Remington Model 7600, 760 pump-actions; Ruger Deerfield, Mini-14, Ranch Rifle, Mini-30; Springfield M1A, Match, Super Match, SAR-48, SAR-4800, SAR-8; Valmet Hunter; Winchester Models 100, 1905, 1907, 1910; .22 Rimfire Rifles AMT Hunter; Anschutz Model 525 Deluxe; Armscorp Model 20C; AR-7 Explorer and Henry U.S.; Beretta Neos; Browning Buckmark; Charles Daly Field Grade, Superior Grade; CZ Model 511, 611; Daisy Models 2203, 2213; Harrington and Richardson Model 700; Ithaca X5-C, X15; Iver Johnson Trailblazer; Mauser Model 105; Mossberg Models 152, 350, 352; Reising Leatherneck; Remington Models 597, Nylon 77, 522; Ruger 10/22; Savage Models 64, 7, 1903, 1909; Marlin Models 522, 7000, 795, 795SS, 70; Thompson/Center Classic Benchmark; Weatherby Mark XXII; Winchester Models 77, 490.

This ban would include pump-action rifles on the list of banned weapons, and would extend to .22 rimfire rifles as well.  Do you like your 10/22?  Tough beans, Cedric Richmond thinks it’s an assault weapon.

I pulled this link from NRA-ILA, where they also have all the contact information for your state reps in Louisiana.  Call and email them now – make it clear that you do not support HB 68.

Note: All State Representatives can be reached during the week in Baton Rouge at (225) 342-6945 

House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee: 

Chairman Ernest Wooton (R-Belle Chasse)
[email protected]
District Office: (504) 393-5649

Vice-Chairman Damon Baldone (D-Houma)
[email protected]
District Office: (985) 876-8872

State Representative Roy Burrell (D-Shreveport)
[email protected]
District Office: (318) 676-7137

State Representative Don Cazayoux (D-New Roads)
[email protected]
District Office: (225) 638-8725

State Representative Elbert Guillory (D-Opelousas)
[email protected]
District Office: (337) 943-2457

State Representative Mickey Guillory (D-Eunice)
[email protected]
District Office: (337) 457-0194

State Representative Chris Hazel (R-Pineville)
[email protected]
District Office: (318) 767-6082

State Representative Frankie Howard (R-Many)
[email protected]
District Office: (318) 256-4135

State Representative Joseph Lopinto (R-Metairie)
[email protected]
District Office (504) 456-3806

State Representative Nick Lorusso (R-New Orleans)
[email protected]
District Office (504) 483-4711

State Representative Barbara Norton (D-Baton Rouge)
[email protected]
District Office (225) 342-6945

State Representative John Schroder (R-Covington)
[email protected]
District Office (985) 893-7272

State Representative Gary Smith (D-Norco)
[email protected]
District Office (985) 764-9122

State Representative Ricky Templet (R-Gretna)
[email protected]
District Office (504) 361-6013

State Representative Bodi White (R)
[email protected]
District Office (225) 791-2199


  1. I predict it will go absolutely nowhere. Cedric Richmond is one those idiot Democrats from Fallujah on the Mississippi, and in the post-Katrina era, the rest of the state doesn’t have to kiss their asses any more.

    They have to kiss ours.

    There are way too many hunting enthusiasts and country boys in the Louisiana legislature to let this bill go anywhere. They’ll smile tolerantly, surreptitiously roll their eyes at “those New Orleans politicians,” debate the bill briefly…

    …and then kill it dead.

  2. I suppose they mean modern “sporter” Browning BARs and not actual WWI weapons. I guess they are complete bastards after all.

  3. HB68 is an absolute affront to the people of this fine state!!! I’m pretty sure if any of you vote for it, nobody will vote for you again. This is ridiculous over-legislation. How can this Cedrich Richmond think this is ok? Does he not belive in liberty and justice for all in America? He wants to ban my .22!!?!?!?!?!?! He might as well ban can openers and steak knives too!!

    The people will not surrender to fear-mongering and anti-liberty tactics!

    Oust Cedrich Richmond!!!

  4. Bill was shot down in comittee, 12 to 1. In the sound bite on TV, it was clear that Cedric didn’t know anything about weapons when he talked about magazines with a capacity of 50 caliber.

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