Riddle me this, Batman

I’ve noticed a pattern that occurs whenever I say anything even remotely negative about St. Barack the Hopemonger.  I get emails and comments which are castigating and remonstrating me for not supporting the candidate of hopeychangey-goodness, the bulk of which come from .edu email address.

To add insult to injury, many of these emails and comments from .edu email addresses contain significant numbers of spelling and grammatical errors.  What exactly are they teaching kids these days?


  1. I blame the middle name. I make fun of him more than anyone else but I always make up a middle name so the googlers/technoratiers don’t find it. Kinda like how I used to do the same with /20~ P@/|

  2. Pretty much the same things they’ve been teaching for a great many years, in most cases.

  3. You may not be seeing a truly representative sampling. After all, if they were on the higher end of the bell curve, they wouldn’t be advocating Captain Hope, now would they?

  4. They’re not teaching them anything. They’re in the faculty lounge, smoking and downloading porn. Oh, and spamming you.

  5. When you have hope, change, and happy thoughts on your side, you don’t need rules, dictionaries, or a little common sense.

  6. The problem is they are no longer raising young men and women to think for themselves 🙁

    Too much of the “teaching” that young adults are exposed to in this day and age is more indoctrination then actual teaching.


  7. It’s just what happens when you talk politics, baby. All of the sudden, EVERYONE’S a poli-sci major, and EVERYONE suddenly has a side they want to defend.

    Usually, it’s the side that someone else is bashing.

    Me, though? I’m a lazy goodfornothing who STILL hasn’t registered to vote. Keeps me out of the field entirely, thank god.

  8. Coming from a technical university, I did not really encounter many of the hooks and snares of the “last bastions of liberalsm”… we hardly had time to cover what we needed to in class (though there was one military history professor…).

    That said, consider what the public education system is feeding colleges and universities these days… When you are working with an already-deficient education, I guess one can only expect so much… or colleges just have to start having more “remedial” classes (which, in reality, is not their jobs). And people wonder why America fares so poorly in education compared to other countries…

    Of course, you could always make amusing (though not necessarily valid) comments about people who cannot spell straight supporting a certain candidate…

  9. evidently they’re not teaching the kids to know their enemy. i’m all for Obama myself, because he’s fairly clearly the least of the three evils, but i’d never castigate you for disliking him — i know i’m not going to convince you you’re wrong, and none of your readers are likely to be both (1) amenable to be convinced in this matter and (2) here looking for convincing arguments as to whom to vote for.

    then again, these are college-age kids we’re talking about. back when i was that age, i was full of piss and anger too, and i didn’t know anybody back then who was at all likely to recognize a fool’s errand when they saw it. that stage of maturity takes another five to fifteen years of living, i think.

    (yeah, i read you for exactly two reasons — gun posts, and keeping track of what the extreme wingnut branch of my political opposition is thinking, that set of people who will never be convinced of how wrong they really are and just need to be politically defeated once and for all. you’re old enough that you can deal with that.)

  10. It totally deleted an entire sentence in my post about stereotypes. It had a cheeky little wink emoticon and everything.

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