My stupid cats

For the five of you that have asked, here is a picture of our cats.

The white and black chap with his leg up in the air like a retard is Malcolm, who is quite likely a dog in a clever disguise if his behavior is any indicator.  The darker colored cat with the vaguely pissed off expression is Inara, who only wants to sit in my lap when I’m A) blogging, or B) playing video games.

Additionally, they’re excellent home-defense animals, because they would hear an intruded and go absolutely ape-shit long before my lousy ears would pick them up.

And yes, they are named after characters from Firefly.  My coat is kind of a brownish color, after all.


  1. Technically, they’re my wife’s cats. I was ambushed by them, and have since succumbed to the fact that they are pretty cute.

    But more than two is going to be too many for me.

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