CNN calls PA for Hillary

CNN is projecting that Hillary will win the Pennsylvania primary over Barack Obama. The big question right now is how much she’s going to win by, because if she can pull a double digit win out in PA the talking heads say that it will give her lots of “momentum” going in to my state of Indiana.

I was going to live blog with updates and such, but you know what? I’m watching a great ballgame right now, my Red Sox are tied with the Angels in the bottom of the 8th, and I’d much rather watch this than CNN’s insipid election coverage.

Oh man, Dustin Pedroia just hit a SHOT down the third base line, Jacoby scored all the way from first base. This is way better than the Democrat primary.

Back to politics, I guess yelling “Hopeychangey” wasn’t enough for Barack to overcome Hillary’s imaginary job experience.  This does set the stage for Indiana though, as Barack is already in my state beginning his run up for the May 6th primary date which Indiana shares with North Carolina.  As I’ve mentioned before, this is the first time in recent memory that the Indiana primary has actually been relevant.  Hillary does have a lot of appeal to the traditional blue-collar Democrat demographic here, but on the flip side Obama pretty much owns Indiana’s sizable college communities in West Lafayette, South Bend, and Bloomington (especially those dirty hippies in Bloomington – ed).  It seems that calling rural gun owners in PA “bitter” didn’t work out too well for Obama there; one wonders if he’ll pull a similar gaffe in Indiana which is a pretty rural state.

Baseball: Youkilis just popped out to end the inning, but the Sox are back up by a run going into the top of the 9th.  It’s the top of the ninth now, and Papelbon is in the game.  He’s facing some good hitters from the Angels, but hey, it’s Pap.  Also, they’re playing “Shipping out to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys on the P.A. system in Fenway – I love that song.

Politics: It seems that Obama’s downfall was his inability to motivate the traditional blue-collar Democrat base – the people that belong to unions, go to church, and own guns.  That’s a decent enough description of a lot of the Democrats in Indiana as well.   I think that Hillary will likely win in Indiana, barring a pretty impressive stunt by Obama.  However, due to the significance of the upcoming Indiana primary, I’m going to be running a lot of coverage for it, which will begin on Wednesday.

Baseball: That’s the ballgame, Pap strikes out two and induces a popup.


  1. You know the so-called “traditional” Democratic base hasn’t been all there as much since the 90s. Many of the Church-going, gun-owning blue collar types began voting Republican back then and still haven’t stopped (which is why most rural areas are “red” areas on maps.)

    What’s really sad is that the Republicans ain’t doing things for them either… nobody really represents the Blue collar and middle class American anymore, at least on the party level (you have individuals who represent their folks well enough), but when it comes to party level, nobody is good.

    Is it bad that I hope both the Republicans and Democrats have a major breakup and a new party(s) form out of the mess?

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