BAG Day update

I’ve got the receiver, and I just ordered the forearm off EBay for the Remington Model 11.  Now, I have a question for the shotgun experts out there regarding a stock and barrel for this thing.  I asked our resident general gun knowledge expert and she wasn’t 100% sure, so I’ll ask the lazywebs in hopes of an answer.

I know that the Remington 11 is a licensed copy roughly of the Browning Auto-5 shotgun.  I have had a hard time finding a barrel and buttstock online for the Remington 11, so I’m wondering if a buttstock made for an Auto-5 is going to fit my gun; and the same question for a 20 gauge barrel.  If anyone knows the answer beyond a shadow of a doubt, drop me a comment or email.  My email address is in the “contact” link up above.

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  1. Email ColtCCO and have him ask Bob or Shannon. They’ll know. I meant to call Bob and ask him, but I accidentally fell into the intarw3bz and it took me hours to get out.

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