Podcast: Vegas, Baby!

Check out below for today’s podcast, on the pros and cons of having been Vegas for the last 3 months, as well as a little waxing nostalgic for my adopted state of Indiana.


If the embedded flash player doesn’t play the audio correctly, just hit the link labeled “download” to listen, or you can click this link to download it on iTunes. The embedded flash player doesn’t always like Internet Explorer 6, however audio should play fine in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.


  1. What happens in Vegas stays… in your memories. Or possibly your bloodstream.

    (Or in police arrest records. Or on marriage certificates. Or on your credit report.)

    If sufficiently desperate, couldn’t you buy a blackpowder firearm in Las Vegas? Though, I suppose the hotel might look negatively on that…

  2. yeah, I’m staying in a company rented condo, which means that company policy about firearms on company property applies.

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