Apparently, Hillary and St. Obama the Hopemonger have been attacking one another during their campaigning in Pennsylvania. What makes this ironic is that they’ve been attacking each other…for being too negative.

Each candidate says the other is unfit to lead the country.

Clinton has attacked Obama for his recent comments about some small-town Americans, his heath care plan and his relative Washington inexperience. Obama has countered by taking aim at Clinton over her acceptance of money from political action committees, her health care plan and her Washington experience.

But the most oft-repeated charge — the one mentioned at virtually every stop — is negative campaigning.

This has been one of the nastiest campaigns that I can remember, period. Not just nasty primary, but a nasty campaign – which does not bode well for the mood of the upcoming general election, although I like that McCain has for the most part been keeping his head out of the Democrat’s little shooting (or lack thereof in Hillary’s case) war.

And I’ll be doing my part to keep their little pissing contest going for as long as possible, because I’m voting for Hillary in the Indiana primary come may. The more time they spend ripping each other apart, the more divided and fractured their party becomes, the better I’ll feel. Because as much as I don’t like McCain, I’d rather see him than either one of these two get elected.

So by all means you two, keep it up. Keep attacking one another, keep up with the negative, nasty campaign, it just makes my guy look that much better.


  1. Ok, so you don’t like McCain, does that mean you don’t agree with his policies at all? (most particularly and important, foreign policy, the war) Assuming this is true, although it may not be, then your saying that you would rather give in and let your ideals and values as a person get thrown out the window because politicians are doing exactly what they’ve always done in elections? (Run accusing ads on tv, radio, etc.) They’re running for the most powerful position in this country during a time when we desperately need a change of leadership, voice, and direction. If they weren’t fighting tooth and nail during this election than how much do you think they care for it? I want a person to get elected who genuinely and passionately wants to make a positive change in this country. Judging by your remarks that you don’t like McCain, you may not agree with his foreign policy ideas/the current administrations ideas. This leads me to think that you want change in this country as well. Now, I do agree that this campaign has been quite nasty at points and i will say that i tend to think its coming from hilary primarily. But as time has gone on, Obama has indeed fired back some remarks but did you SEE the last debate in Pennsylvania? Obviously Hilary was on the attack the entire night. Obama said some things I never thought i would hear at this level in a campaign. He said that what she was doing was using completely off topic remarks that came out of context and the meaningless American Flag label situation to try and debase him. That is wrong, and Obama called her out on it. The talking heads on the news would like to make this race seem more negative than it really is to try and make it more interesting for viewers to come back to. They mistake his passion and his defense of his own words as somehow aggressive. I don’t understand that. I was appalled at the constant way Hilary was attacking, and how people say Obama is somehow a nasty campaigner. Why would you vote for McCain? Don’t sell out your values and ideas because the two democratic candidates are talking too loud.

  2. Actually, I’ve been planning on voting for McCain since he got the nomination. Had the Democrats run Bill Richardson, I would have voted for him, but instead you ran two hard left candidates, neither of whom I can stand.

    The reason I’m doing that is because both Obama and Hillary support positions which I find objectionable, and Obama’s empty campaign of “Hopeychangey” is just as meaningless as Hillary’s claims of “experience”.

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