Gun owners are bitter

Except for the fact that we’re not, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

According to the 2006 General Social Survey, which has tracked gun ownership since 1973, 34% of American homes have guns in them.

Who are all these gun owners? Are they the uneducated poor, left behind? It turns out they have the same level of formal education as nongun owners, on average. Furthermore, they earn 32% more per year than nonowners. Americans with guns are neither a small nor downtrodden group.

Nor are they “bitter.” In 2006, 36% of gun owners said they were “very happy,” while 9% were “not too happy.” Meanwhile, only 30% of people without guns were very happy, and 16% were not too happy.

In short, we’re just as educated as non gun owners, and apparently we’re much better adjusted mentally. The article comments that it could be because many gun owners have a strong sense of self-reliance, which is one of the keys to feeling “happy” about your situation in life.

It must be getting harder and harder for the Brady Campaign against Gun Ownership to portray us as a bunch of ignorant, cousin-humping rednecks with anger issues when articles like this are published. Thanks to Unc for the link.

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  1. Elitist!

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